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Sunday, January 15, 2012 @ 10:35 AM
Failing Miserably Is NOT My Cup Of Tea
Frankly speaking, it's a KNOWN fact that I have and am STILL extending my stay at the University, hence I can NEVER DENY it.

I know that my academic situation is considered (for Manila school-based students) as "NOT NORMAL."

I do HATE people who judge college undergrads who have had or is having the SAME misfortune of not graduating on time; as I myself am experiencing. Honestly, it is NEVER easy to repeatedly explain to a WHOLE LOT of acquaintances, friends, relatives, neighbors, friends of friends, etc. why such had happened especially when NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY.

I just wish people can understand that there are REASONS to everything.
I just wish people can STOP being douchebags for once & try to keep their mouths shut.
I just wish people can contain their donwright rude criticisms.

Because it will NEVER be easy for students like myself to DEAL with this situation.

I am VERY MUCH AWARE that people have been scoffing behind my back on my disdainful academic route. Well here's what I HAVE TO SAY...

Failing MISERABLY is NOT my cup of tea, yet it does make me MORE resilient than you guys. I happen to indeed fall face flat on the floor with NO ONE to pick me up but I will dust myself over and over; and START AGAIN NO MATTER WHAT.

I do admit that I am DEFINITELY NOT a GOOD example to begin with.
I have had gone astray, I am a deviant; but I will NEVER succumb to society's MEDIOCRE VIEW that the "GREATEST" achievement of your ENTIRE college life is by merely graduating on time. THAT is PLAIN B*lls***.

I may have had my moments that I may have broke down into tears, that I have caved in to too much pressure, that I have sometimes avoided socializing, that I have had times that I lost interest in creating music and poetry because of severe depression and frustration...

and to even have had attempted to take one's life.

These are the harrowing experiences that though are shameful, will (I believe) mold me to the person that I am, and will be.

Failure is NOT NEW to me, and it SHOULDN'T BE to everyone else as well. I don't think anyone has the right to put themselves up to the "PEDESTAL OF PERFECTION" because EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE makes mistakes.

It just so happens that I am admitting mine and learning from it.
And it's NOBODY'S BUSINESS where I am headed after everything I've been through.
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