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Monday, February 13, 2012 @ 10:11 AM
"Dear Mr. Right"
Dear Mr. Right...

I never questioned your existence but during a certain yearly holiday which I wish I can actually click unlike or unfollow or even block; my curiosity about your whereabouts come rushing in. I just thought of reminding you today that hey, maybe this is the year you can bravely show your face or to even try talking to me. I am certainly not demanding you to hustle on your way but I do hope you can randomly pass by or even just drop subtle hints. Don’t worry, I am not that numb to pick up those signals, trust me; been there, done that. Though do not succumb to stalking please!

As tons of articles, friends’ advices, and even those jeepney placards peppered with common-man romantic sentiments all tell me to “Not search for love but to simply wait for it,” my own stubborn head honestly cannot keep up with that advice for I am certainly not known for having a mile-long patience in the first place. Sorry Mr. Right, I am definitely not perfect so I do hope you can keep up with my weird quirks, and with my quick pace whenever I seem to rush and travel ‘to and ‘fro. But no worries, I do not expect you to be perfect either; maybe except if you happen to be some sort of a Greek god or any supernatural entity for that matter.

Perhaps we might have crossed the same path before; only to have had glanced the other way, only to have chosen another seat at the bus, only to have had opted not to ride the train on that certain day; or because we simply chose not to notice anything at that time. Perhaps we might have not met each other yet since one of us or both of us is not ready for such a meeting yet. Or perhaps we weren’t meant to exist at the same time period.

Despite everything, a spark of hope still lives inside me on the possibility that you are just there; lurking behind the scenes, merely minding your own business. There is certainly nothing wrong with that but a little socializing might help improve the situation you are or for this matter, we are in. Please do not be alarmed if ever I use such a collective term; I am not possessive, I just opt to simplify circumstances. I hope you would not get mad that I call you “Mr. Right” since come on; I know you yourself are guilty of tagging such a nickname on to another individual at some point of your life as well.

By the way; Music, Film, Poetry, Fashion, Blogging, and similar forms of Creativity absolutely catches my attention. Yes, I am now dropping my own hints too so it would not be so hard for us to even have a conversation; however short or vague it could be. Random musings are my cup of tea and if ever you are in to it as well, I am sure that we will have a blast in both acknowledging and bashing each other. Intellectual banter actually might do us some good for all we know. Please keep in mind though that I highly prefer such encounters in quaint nooks and crannies (no matter how remote or odd) where we can in fact hear ourselves converse.

In such a crowded world we are living, feelings of being alone can inevitably creep in on the most unexpected instances. Bear with me if I happen to ever notice, for I myself sense it often. Despite your numerous “posers” which I have had encountered all my life, I will still wait for you but only on the condition that you will wait for me too. All is fair in love and war, right?

Maybe this is the right time for you and I take to take our chances, to finally get up from our slumber and search for each other. Notwithstanding how much time, effort or even money we will spend on looking; I for one believe it would be all worth it. Let’s not leave it all to chance or to destiny because for all we know, we might have both missed our opportunity already. And as I close my eyes, dream, cross my fingers, and pray; I know that somewhere out there, you Mr. Right; are doing the exact same thing as well.

See you soon then.
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