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Friday, June 18, 2010 @ 9:36 AM
Oh Dear I'm Back in Elbi And Guess What...?!?
It's BARELY just been 2 weeks since classes have started and YES, I did came back to Elbi despite my personal protests at home and after my "evil plan" (which was supposedly ditching UPLB in exchange for a certain Makati Film school) became an EPIC FAIL.

And since I HAVE NO CHOICE but to return...
I just crossed my fingers, took a deep breath, and hope for the best.

To MY surprise, it seems that my lucky stars have FINALLY shown up. And they brought me these:

1.) I luckily got to have 2 UBER nice new housemates after worrying like crazy the WHOLE SUMMER. I was SERIOUSLY both shocked and delighted that we instantly clicked in a few hours time... whew!
Hooray for my new hausies! :)

2.) Barkada (HORTIkada) bondings are becoming MORE frequent than ever so I guess I'll have CONSTANT positive reenforcement from now on. Thank God. They'll be the ones who'll snap the hell out of me if I try to stray or procrastinate from graduating. ;)

3.) I finally got to sing again on stage (though it wasn't as smooth sailing as I expected) but nevertheless, I GOT to sing again after a long time. period.

Though MY lucky stars have appeared, a FEW 'lil rough spots emerged as well and YES, I'll count it down as well, HAHA.

1.) My schedule for this sem is composed of JUST 3 subjects. I mean... ONLY THREE.
Two prerequisites and my last P.E.
(And I'm crossing my fingers that I won't DIE of boredom for being underload!)

2.) I could NOT see familiar faces in the campus anymore. Or maybe ALMOST everyone that I knew just graduated already. :P

3.) I chose softball as my last P.E. and got the worst shock of my life yesterday when our prof made as jog around a HUGE field (It's the FIRST time I've heard and seen Copeland FIELD. Yeah, the Field, NOT the gym) and made us do push-ups, sit-ups and what-have-you's. Being a NON-athlete for the longest time, I ALMOST had a semi-asthma attack.
(So now I'm praying DOUBLY hard that I would survive EVERY softball session, haha)

3.) I had a BAD and I mean the WORST hangover in ages, yikes! :O
It was after a night filled with: a HARDCORE softball warm-up, an ALMOST asthma attack, Moonstruck, and an impromptu after party.

The combination of exhaustion and a LOT of uhmm, not-so-wholesome drinks/shots was the PERFECT recipe for a DISASTER which involved the following:

-Dancing nonstop (If I remember it correctly...)
-Becoming MORE talkative
-Staggering to get up
-Barfing on the street (Hello Grove!)
-Having someone or some people to chase you down the street and bring you home
-Leaving my apartment keys OUTSIDE of the apartment
-Waking up the NEXT day, still wearing last night's clothes (eew!)


-Having a very FOGGY memory and a BAD HEADACHE the morning after. :O

Yes, I'm NOT proud of it and I will definitely NOT consider it as a personal milestone.

But as I ponder on my first 2 weeks of being back in school, I realized that maybe (just maybe) NOW is the RIGHT time to experience ALL OF THESE so I'll be able get out of my comfort zone bit by bit.

Indeed, CHANGES have been VERY DRASTIC at the start of this sem, and though I REALLY REALLY HATE to admit it...

Going BACK again to Elbi might be the BEST cure for the humdrum life I'm having right now. And if THAT's the case, eh di AYOS! :D
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